Safety riding tips

Our top priority is your safety and enjoyment

Plan your route

  • Stay on the main roads
  • Off-roading is prohibited

Inspect your Bike

  • Check the dashboard to take a look at the charge. If the screen is blank, wake the bike up by pressing the horn
  • Adjust the seat height to the perfect fit
  • Check the tire pressure by squeezing the tires. Low or flat? Checkout another bike
  • Ensure that both brakes work by giving them a squeeze
  • If you have any problems while riding the bike, stop and call us at 2696-2223

Wear a helmet

  • Helmets are compulsory
  • For your convenience, clean helmets are located next to each bike station
  • Take the time to adjust your helmet correctly. It should not move forward or backward on your head and you should not be able to put more than two fingers in the space between the chinstrap and your chin

Ride Defensively

  • Use caution on steep hills
  • Prior to descending steep or slippery hills, stop well before the slope begins to check your brakes
  • Keep an eye out for pedestrians, wildlife and other drivers

Share the Road

  • Stay to the right and respect signs 
  • Keep a safe distance between other riders and vehicles
  • Make yourself visible and be confident to take the full lane when needed

Be predictable

  • Don’t make sudden turns and stops
  • Be sure to signal your intentions with proper arm signals when you intend to stop, slow or turn
  • Check behind you before turning to be sure that there are no oncoming vehicles
  • Make eye contact with other road users to ensure they see you and register your turning signals